Best Surf Fishing Rods 2021 - Top 10 Picks

Many consider it a hobby, or you can think of it as a fun activity to do with your family. When you decide to go surf fishing, you do not require a boat to be near the water body, all you need is one of the best surf fishing rods in your hands.

Surf fishing is a simple form of fishing to master, with the techniques varying based on variables such as the area, weather, waves, environmental patterns, and the kind of fish you expect to get on the line. But there are a few general regulations you need to follow as you start out to get you moving on the right road. The first thing you should do is learn how to surf cast, considering you’re a novice when it comes to surf fishing. Surfcasting is a lot like normal casting, except to land the bait in the surf, more focus is put on distance and precision. The surfcasting trick is to learn the precise pace and strength you need when throwing out the line to perfect both your reach and precision.

No matter what your level of fishing experience is, you’ll accept that a spinning rod is an impressive entry to your arsenal. With all the choices available today, picking a surf rod can sound like a challenging mission. If you just spend a limited amount of time on each one, it’s not that complicated.

A reasonable amount of attention is paid to baits and vessels in the fishing culture, but it is the fishing rod that does much of the job. With proper gear, your surf fishing experience should be simpler and much more fun, particularly when you read and comprehend the beach and what is the best situation to get the targets. Note that learning derives from experience. Although guides will help build a base while you practice the art of surf fishing, throwing your rod from the beach’s sands can really show you how to become a professional surf angler. Here are the 10 best surf fishing rods to purchase before you intend on setting out hunting for one.

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Okuma Rockaway

Okuma Rockaway


Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Fiblink Surf Rod


Best surf fishing rods

St Croix Triumph

best Surf fishing rods
top 10 picks

1. St Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod

Best surf fishing rods

Overall Rating

St. Croix has some of the best fishing rods to look out for. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting one for the first time or updating your old one, you will love their product. The rods are made exclusively in the US and there is no compromising with their quality. The one listed here is a 4-piece rod that is easily portable. If you’re traveling by flight, you can just put it on your overhead compartment. If you’re on the road, it can be kept in the trunk pretty easily. So don’t worry about the fishing rod sticking out like a sore thumb when you have to plan a road trip or picnic. The rod is very easy to disassemble into parts and then reassemble again. Triumph rods are made from durable graphite and you can choose from different available sizes.

You get some high-quality rods from Triumph and not put a strain on your wallet in the process. Their design and the components they use to speak for the quality itself. SCII graphite fiber is used for the engineering of these fishing rods. The foundation is very sturdy so if you wish to go after any large fish, you won’t have to stress about your rod being snapped or anything. You can also cast quite far with the help of a Triumph fishing rod. We already mentioned how portable the rod is. To make things better, you get a carrying bag to take the rod anywhere you want.

  • Durable SCII graphite blank.
  • Custom tape handle provides a strong grip.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Suitable for bigger fishes as well.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Reel seat locks could be better.

2. Fiblink Best Surf Fishing Rods

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Overall Rating

Fiblink offers a surfing rod with dual graphite construction. It’s designed by keeping those users in mind who are not afraid of driving or flying miles on the weekend to enjoy some quality time and go fishing by the coast. It’s very lightweight and easy to transport. This surf-casting rod offers some amazing features. It can easily get packed to a usable scale. You can choose your preferred rod size depending on the weather and location you pick.

You can choose your preferred fishing rod from 9 to 12 feet of length. Fiblink has a line of rods that are robust, offers fast action, and is simply one of the best surf fishing rods you can buy. The carbon construction makes the rod have a high level of output, better resilience, and overall a long lifespan. You won’t have to worry about the rod being damaged if you decide to fish for the bigger ones in the water. The fine-tuned action and high-quality carbon fiber make the rod an excellent choice for boat fishing. 

The stainless steel and ceramic combination makes the rod smoother and adds a sleek look to the style. Because of these materials, the friction is reduced by a huge scale and the user gets better responsiveness no matter their skill. The guides are positioned just where they need to be, around the base of the blank spine.

  • Made with solid carbon fiber.
  • Anti-slip rubber shrink tube handle.
  • Ceramic with stainless steel to provide smoother guides.
  • High-density EVA grip.
  • Reel seat.
  • May feel a little heavy.
  • Requires better care in handling the rod.

3. BERRYPRO Surf Fishing Rod

BERRYPRO Surf Fishing Rod

Overall Rating

BERRYPRO is a commendable surf fishing rod used to capture fish in less time for experienced fishermen or enthusiasts. This spinning rod of graphite is strong, durable, and comes in different models. Thus, without any trouble, you can capture fish of various sizes easily. The fishing guide is also made of specialized stainless steel and has a ceramic ring, making it cleaner, and between the line and the guide, there is very little friction. The guides are exactly positioned around the bottom of the spine of the blank, so the sensitivity would be conveyed from the line to the rod and then perfectly to the hand when doing a long cast. It helps to quickly pass the necessary sensitivity during the long cast from line to rod and from rod to your side.

IM7 X-Carbon technology blanks are made with Berrypro Giant Surf fishing rods that give the rods tremendous sensitivity and strength. This fishing rod is fitted with many attachments that are responsible for keeping you relaxed as you fish, including its anti-wear rear cover made from rubber.

  • Anti-slip shrink tube ensures a better grip.
  • Wear-resistant rubber butt cap provides durability.
  • Stainless steel guide.
  • Less friction caused between the line and the guide.

Not wear-resistant.

4. Penn Squadron II

Penn Squadron II

Overall Rating

Penn Squadron II Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is a sleek surf rod designed for a broad range of surf species, made with aluminum oxide guides. So, this is the best thing you can lay your hands on if you are looking to surf trout. This is the ideal candidate to find out how dynamic seawater creatures can be. This 8-foot Penn Squadron has stainless steel guides with zirconium insert insulation to minimize pressure on the fishing line.

Apart from that, a highly sensitive graphite blank goes with it. As expected, we would like to note that, particularly when used intensively, graphite blanks are typically not very durable. That being said, since it’s a very cheap rod, you can’t expect too much from Penn Surf Squadron II. It’s very easy to use and pack up for transportation, being a two-piece rod. The joint may not be strong enough though to contend with large fighting fish. If one does not have the required assistance of a surf fishing rod, a fishing strategy is incomplete. The Penn Squadron II Surf Spinning Fishing Rod can deliver the best fishing experience.

  • High-quality cork grips.
  • Full reel seats.
  • Durable stainless steel guides.
  • Carbon fiber blank.
  • The fittings may seem a bit flimsy.

5. Okuma Rockaway Light Weight Carbon

Okuma Rockaway

Overall Rating

Okuma offers a great line fishing equipment for both freshwater and seawater fishing. This Okuma Rockaway surf rod is made from premium materials to provide the ultimate fishing experience to the anglers. The rod is very lightweight which is highly beneficial when it comes to casting. You can expect long and precise casting with this rod. Also, a lightweight rod means long-term fishing without straining the hand.

Besides being lightweight, having a good balance is also necessary. The tip-over butt ferrule attachment in this rod provides just that, a better balance. The tapered shrink tube grip helps keep a strong grip. Whether you have sweaty palms or you decide to go fishing on a wet day, you can expect a non-slippery surface. The rod has zirconium inserts that make it compatible for both mono and braid, whichever you need. With that, stainless steel guides mean reduction in line abrasions.

  • Extremely lightweight and responsive.
  • Blank made from 24-ton carbon.
  • Rounded EVA butt cap allows better casting.
  • Tapered shrink tube grips ensures anti-slip surface.
  • Several models available.
  • Not suitable to catch bigger fish.



Overall Rating

At the price and with the content it provides, the rod TICA UGSA Series that would prove to be an ideal choice for you. The Tica UGSA spinning rod is designed with top quality materials and has a medium-heavy strength rating with a length of ten feet. It is readily obvious, as you think of the specs, this spinning rod is beyond the average for surf fishing. The rod is produced from high modulus TC3 graphite for lower weight, additional strength, and a longer casting range.

Fuji alconite along with hardloy guides are packed in the rod and the reel seat is a Fuji DPS so that you can ensure that in the coming days you will not have to handle any tangle or decay. Tica specifically built the hook holder to stick to your line faraway during sessions. Then, to keep your reel secure and sound, there is the FUJI DPS ring seat. You can throw far with ease and also catch rockfish.

  • Made from high-quality graphite.
  • Cork handle ensures a good grip.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Bendable hook keeper included.
  • Lightweight baits are not ideal for use.
  • To some consumers, the grip handle may seem too small.



Overall Rating

Tica UEHA Surf Rods are elegant, sleek rods for surf fishing. They are designed with ringed guides of high-quality titanium oxide that are double-lined with a thread that is black and crowned with metallic-silver wrap accents. Tica opted for cork tape handles for EVA foam over and beneath the graphite reel seat for a secure non-slip grip. The reel seat is also made from sturdy graphite, and the convenient black cork tape on the handle would be welcomed by your hands. Not only does the cork tape provide you with a safe grip, but it can also help when you are struggling to get a fish in to keep the reel from falling out of wet hands. The flexible style is one of the bonuses of this surf fishing rod.

The Tica series can help to reduce costs on the requisite gear, as you only need to buy one rod, and you can also enjoy its inexpensive price. It’s not difficult to see why these rods are a common option among novices and professional fishers, built to please seasoned anglers.

Not only does the black graphite structure give the rod a smooth and sophisticated look, but the dark color would not startle any surrounding fish as well. The silver titanium ring guides and aluminum tip both contribute to the elegant attractiveness of the rod, thus making it much easier to handle. The guides are immune to saltwater corrosion, which makes the line easy to thread along.

  • High-quality graphite construction.
  • Reel seat of graphite.
  • Titanium oxide ring guides.
  • Anti-slip cork tape handle ensures good grip.
  • Robust and lightweight.
  • Tip may break under pressure.
  • Not built for intense fishing.

8. Okuma's Solaris

Okumas Solaris

Overall Rating

There are a lot of affordable fishing rods on the market, but few are as efficient as the Solaris Surf from Okuma. Made with IM-6 graphite blanks, the Okuma lineup offers rods that are lightweight, durable, and easy to handle. The Solaris Surf fishing rod may not be the lightest one you can find out there, but it is definitely high on the list. It has a Fuji aluminum guide inserted inside that helps the user get better control over the rod and be able to cast smoothly.

The main attraction behind the Solaris Surf though is the intense ease of use you can get from it. The rod can be handled quickly and maneuvered around by new anglers. For anglers who want high-end fabrication parts and pleasant outcomes in a value-laden rod series.

You can genuinely feel like you have never been able to cast better with other rods. Besides, the double-footed guide frames of stainless steel also secure the guides. So, this smart and well-secured structure is what gives the company the faith to provide this rod with a specific guarantee for its lifespan. They believe that this rod will not expire anytime soon.

Because of both its low weight and the handles, you feel good using it. It features non-slip rear and foregrips wrapped in cork that just provides you with that firm power.

  • Constructed from high-quality IM-6 graphite.
  • Anti-slip cork wrap provides a strong grip.
  • Responsive and well-balanced.
  • Different sizes available.
  • Handle is not the best protected.

9. Hurricane Bluefin

Hurricane Bluefin

Overall Rating

An inexpensive surf rod that can help you catch fish with the speed and power of a hurricane is the Hurricane Bluefin! It has a double dipped blank in E glass, making it more durable and incredibly strong. Also, this tends to improve vigilance as well. So, when you fish for those huge fishes, you’ll feel comfortable and in charge.

It’s reel seat is produced of graphite and protected from corrosion and it also has rust-resistant stainless steel hoods. This rod is perfect for rough conditions of saltwater and perfect for surf fishing. Moreover, it has guides of aluminum oxide that promise the smoothest results and keep the line from decaying. This Surf Rod has a non-slippery cork handle that is suitable and convenient for wet environments. It offers a good value for money and has a cost that not many rivals can match.

  • Reel seat of graphite.
  • Durable aluminum oxide guides.
  • Lightweight and well-responsive.
  • Slip-resistant cork handle is comfortable and provides a strong grip.
  • Foregrip may feel short.

10. Tsunami Airwave

Tsunami Airwave

Overall Rating

Airwave puts emphasis on having fishing rods that are lightweight so the users won’t have sore arms after an entire day of fishing. Not just lightweight blanks, the rod has lightweight materials from top to bottom so you can have precise aim to cast the rod as far as it would allow. You may think that since it’s lightweight, the rod may crumble under pressure. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. The materials may help the rod be light but they also maintain a sturdy structure. The high-density fiber blanks add resilience to the rod, make it more responsive, and help gain more power when you go casting.

It has a cork handle and textured vinyl grips that not only make it lightweight but also comfortable. This rod gives you an honest casting distance and also the accuracy of the results with it. Fuji Concept Alconite guides, sturdy, seamless braid proof guides utilized in the Surf series, transparent vinyl grips on the inshore models make the rod sturdier.

  • Responsive and durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ensures effective casting distance.
  • Stainless steel reel seat.
  • High-density fiber blanks.
  • May seem a bit overpriced.

best Surf fishing rods
Buying Guides


Any product’s credibility depends on the materials that were used to make it. When it comes to surf fishing rods, there are different material options for one to pick from. It can be a bit tricky to choose between a fishing rod made from graphite and one made from fiberglass- since they both have their advantages.

You might also see the term ‘carbon fiber’ while you scan through the specifications of fishing rods. Graphite and carbon fiber are widely similar in nature. They can feel heavy, which just means that they have a robust build. Graphite rods are said to be more sensitive so you can have a better response. You can easily set up the hook and set out on your fishing boat or choose a spot on the beach. Because of the sensitive nature, graphite rods are better for catching smaller fish since you can easily pinpoint their location.

As for fiberglass rods, they’re more durable than graphite ones. So you can easily battle stronger fish without worrying about breaking the setup of the rod. They might be less receptive and quite thick, but the strong construction should make up for it. You can also find composite rods that have both graphite and fiberglass. This type of build allows users to have the best of both sides.

Composite fishing rods can also have combinations of zinc, carbon, or any other lightweight components. It’s rare to find the perfect combination of materials that can offer the best results, but it won’t hurt to try one or two composite rods since you can find one of the best surf fishing rods among those.

Casting Distance

You usually want to get your lure or bait out past the crashing waves while surf fishing. The water beyond this point not only offers more catchable fish, but it is also easier to function with your lure or bait in this comparatively quiet weather. But this means that you need to be able to cast these sometimes-amazing distances to maintain some semblance of consistency from doing so.

The casting depth is improved by a longer fishing rod, although all other factors are kept the same. The other side, of course, is that using a shorter rod is faster and more accurate; but, as with any other aspect of angling, it is a downside.

Likewise, the casting radius is increased for those of slower actions, while all other factors are unchanged. This is because slow rods deform above those of sharper actions of motion. So, the slower the movement, the greater the rod’s support you get.


The action of your surf fishing rod is critical to take into consideration. The behavior is defined by the rod as the bend or taper seen under pressure. With a rapid motion, a rod bends more from the tip, while a rod bends with a slow-motion from the center. The rod movement is the most relevant when discussing casting scope. A fast tip rod can have the most casting distance and is best used when fishing for lures in the surf. The quick action rod is best for rigs that have a single hook. The slower movement, usually mild motion for surf rods, is best suited for treble hooks because they do not need the setting power of single hooks.


Power is one of the most significant variables you need to take into consideration when choosing a surf rod. This is also referred to as the weight of the rod and it corresponds to how much strength or weight it takes to induce the rod’s motion. A heavy power rod requires a greater amount of weight or strain to bend the blank.

Consequently, a light power one requires less strain in order to bend the rod. Usually, power is broken down into light, medium, medium-strong, strong, and extra-heavy. Overall, mild or mild-heavy choices are excellent if you are not searching for any particular type of fish or creature. You get better sensitivity from a medium control rod that operates under some of the same environments as a straight action does. They would do better for fish where the bite is smaller, such as flounder and trout. The bigger the fish you’re chasing, the need for adaptation reduces dramatically.


The least critical factor when choosing a surfing rod is the handle. Handles on surf rods are much longer than handles on freshwater rods and are necessary when slaying fish. Rod handles for surf fishing differs in terms of size and height. The diameter of most handles is about one inch, and they are mostly made of EVA foam and cork.

While cork for saltwater anglers may be considered a better option, the freshwater is more resilient and less likely to deform. The quality of cork varies greatly, however. It is not easy to say unequivocally that one product is greater than the other in terms of regulation and response, and it always comes down to individual preference. You can also choose a wooden rod handle, just make sure it is durable and long-lasting before you buy it.

best Surf fishing rods

What is a surf fishing rod?

Surf rods are a version of traditional fishing rods invented about 4,000 years ago. They are made of a long, lightweight component that is installed to manage the line with a reel and a series of guides. Unlike typical freshwater rods, surf rods are specifically made for coastal use. As such, a much wider distance is usually longer, narrower, and made to hurl bait.

Surf rods come with an array of features, identical to freshwater rods that help anglers capture fish more effectively. To help cope with big fish, some versions are famously hard and rigid, while others feel more lightweight and are flexible to better detect bites.

What is the difference between surf-casting and surf spinning rods?

Casting rods work best, although, with spinning gear, most angling techniques can be better performed. Many ‘casting’ rods are not meant at all to cast a trap, they may be designed to slowly let a sinker out, or troll with a downrigger, etc. There may be several types and forms of casting reels. It will always be a smart choice to go with an average casting reel with lighter rods when many casts are made, since they are built for accurate casting, even with lightweight baits.

A bait-casting reel is required for a casting rod, something that looks like a small winch fixed on the rod. Spinning rods require an underslung, which has a spinning reel that is open to puff the string, which has a rotating bail. Guides and the reel seats are separate, with a spinning rod’s first guide being wider than that on a casting rod.

What is the best type of rod for surf fishing?

A Baitcaster Surf Rod is what you can choose while looking for the best surf fishing rods. The Baitcaster Rod is the version that carries most of the line and allows the biggest fish to be captured by anglers.

For several factors, most importantly the amount of control it generates, the version is exceptional. As well as the reel, the guides are set on top of the blank. As a result, the shaft would be longer and more reliable, with more strength presented. Baitcasters, though, are not typically affordable surf sticks. They can cost much more, but they are a good combination when fitted with one of the finest surfcasting rods.

What is the best time for surf fishing?

Having the best surf fishing rod is not enough, you need to pinpoint the best time as well. Fish are very wary species and only when environments and their behavior encourage them to do so can they venture close to the shoreline, and only then can they strike at the bait until they feel secured and safe to eat by the sea. At the beginning of an incoming tide, the perfect time to surf fish is before sunrise. Although, as the tide subsides, just before sunset, it is the best moment to capture stronger, bigger fish that have been out of reach during the day.

Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed results with complete and detailed knowledge of the tides. At the right moment, you can surf fish but yet end up blaming your gear for zero outcomes. The explanation for this is that what matters is not just the timing of the tides.

What is the best length for a surf fishing rod?

Length is a crucial element to take into consideration when you set out to buy the best surf fishing rod. First and foremost, remembering the physical skill of the angler is imperative. When engaged in surf fishing, anglers who are shorter in height or who may have physical disabilities should prefer rods on the shorter end of the spectrum out of sheer ease and comfort.

Usually, surf fishing rods are between 9 and 14 feet long, offering a diverse variety of lengths to pick from. The length is one of the most significant things leading to the distance of casting. In surf fishing, casting distance is critical since the aim is to deliver the bait or lure past the crashing waves. Also, the better the targeting of fish angler types, the bigger the rod can be used as it offers more control.

What is the best gear ratio for surf fishing?

In the majority of surf fishing situations, ratios of at least 5:1 or 6:1 perform well. In comparison to wanting to go quicker with a slower reel, it’s better to go slow with a higher ratio reel if you would prefer a slow restoration.

How to rig a surf fishing rod?

Flapper rigs are among the most common styles of rigs. This type of lure is made up of a series of ‘flappers’ that are additional parts of the line with hooks attached to the line of the body.

Attach the extra pieces of line to the body in order to build a flapper rig. Including beads and locking crimps, this can be achieved by adding a swivel to the body. The swivel then helps the flapper to travel around, since it is held in place by the securing crimps and beads.

What is the best spinning reel for surf fishing?

The best spinning reel is the Shimano Stradic Ci4 + 4000 XG for surf fishing. In its many distinct pieces, which are all buffed for saltwater fishing, the consistency of the reel can be noticed easily. The Ci4 + carbon from which it is produced is what makes the Shimano Stradic so fantastic. The composite is very light and very resistant to the materials as well.

Owing to its anti-corrosive qualities, sand, saltwater, and spray literally can’t wear the piece off. Although the reel is made for use with a surf rod from Shimano, it fits just fine for any other spinning brand. What’s best is that the device is incredibly straightforward to use and is basic enough to accommodate even the newest of anglers. To catch more fish than you can expect, pair the Ci4 + with your best surf fishing rod.

Is mono or braid better for surf fishing?

A lot of surf anglers and instructions for shore fishing can advise going for different materials for the line. Some would claim that because it has strong sensitivity and long casting range, the braid is the best for beach fishing. Others assert that, due to its impressive stretching potential and its high abrasion resistance, mono is the way to go. It’s an ongoing debate, and since both mono and braid represent several surf fishing conditions, you shouldn’t accuse anyone of preferring one over the other.

To put it simply, with its smaller diameter allows better resistance to the wind and the current, the braid is greater for fishing in rough weather and challenging surf situations. In addition, hook setting and bite detection are ensured by the high sensitivity of the braid.

Mono is normally immune to abrasion and very successful in dealing with unstable and mixed structures and in attacking sharp-toothed fish. Also, when catching big fish, the high stretching consistency of the monofilament acts as a protection blanket, making it an amazing alternative for novice anglers.

Does line color matter for surf fishing?

The quick response to that is yes, it does. If you think it boosts the amount of fish you catch or not, it matters to have a fishing line that is clearly noticeable while surfing so that you, other fishermen, and birds will be able to see it and not get tangled up in it since your surf fishing rod can stand out easily. If you are fishing with other anglers, it’ll be pretty easy to notice the differences between your sections.

How far can you cast a surf rod?

You can use a surfing rod to cast 50-70 yards on a good day. But to be honest, it shouldn’t require that much for you to catch fish in the surf.

What size hooks are best for surf fishing?

The type of hooks you would need for surf fishing relies on what kind of fish you are looking for. A 500-pound shark would require different hooks to capture, than what a 3-pound fish would require. You have to adapt the size of the hook to the fish species you are aiming for and the size of the lures you use.

Due to a bad lure presentation, you may miss more captures than you will ever miss because of a hook that is too big or too small. If the lure appearance is good and enticing for the fish, even though the hook is too small or too large for the species you are fishing for, you can end up having a lot of grabs. On the opposite hand, if your lure delivery is bad, even if you have spent hours redefining your hook size decision, you would get a lot fewer catches.

What tackle do I need for surf fishing?

Tackle basically refers to any gear that is used for fishing. It’s impossible to catch with just a fishing rod and nothing else.

So, after picking your favorite surf fishing rod, you need to take some other equipment that can help you capture the fish you want. You need lures or baits to attach to the rod or else no fish would bother coming near it. You also need a sinker rig to attach the bait, live or not. The type of bait depends on the location and species of fish you intend to catch.

Make sure you take a bucket or something where you can keep the fish after catching them. You wouldn’t want to throw them on the beach now, would you? Aside from these, your fishing tackle should also include a few hooks, rigs, and swivels. All these together make your tackle for surf fishing.

Final Words

While it can take a length of time to master surf fishing, it is a satisfying activity and available to everyone with a limited investment. The numerous scenarios under which you will fish and the suspense of what could be at the end of your line makes the experience fun and friendly. Surf fishing is a hobby you will love for several years if you’re able to do a little leg work on the front end.

To improve the efficiency of the rod, you need a robust design, long casting reach, and high-end guides when choosing the best surf fishing rods. Either of the above-mentioned rods can really help you capture many beach trout. Just make sure your conditions and desires are taken into consideration so that you can pick the best surf fishing rod which is appropriate for you.

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