Best kids Fishing Poles: A Complete Guide For First-Time Anglers

Fishing is not just a favorite pastime for adults, it’s an endearing hobby for children too. Many kids prefer fishing as an ideal pastime. However, like any other hobby, you need some tools. For fishing, the fishing pole is the main tool, along with other auxiliary ones. Kids fishing poles are different from adults in many categories. They are usually shorter and lightweight. You are less likely to find any complexity regarding the gears or any other machine when it comes to kids fishing poles. The best fishing poles for kids are safer in design, operation, and suitable for catching small fish.

There are many fishing poles currently available in the market. How to decide which one is the best kids fishing poles and what to look for when buying one? Read on to find out!

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Best kids Fishing Poles
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1. ODDSPRO Telescopic Kids Fishing Pole

ODDSPRO Telescopic Kids Fishing Pole

Overall Rating

ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole Combo Kit is considered the best kids fishing pole in the market.

This includes crankbaits, jig heads swivels, float bobbers, soft lures, and sinkers, along with a carry box. It’s an all in one combo fishing kit containing all the necessary ingredients for fishing. It’s beginner-friendly and affordable.

ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole is made from epoxy combined with EVA and plastic. It’s considered as one of the best kids fishing pole by many. This combination allows it to have more stable physical property and strength. Epoxy increases the strength of the rod by adhering to the parts together. EVA foam used in the rod makes it easier to grip and maneuver. The fishing rod is lightweight and durable.

The design is specially made for tiny hands. The best thing about this rod is that it won’t come off the grip even after being drenched, making it safe for kids. It has three types of eye construction, three eyes, four eyes, and five eyes on the rod’s body. It allows for short casting distances which is suitable for kids.

It also happens to be portable due to a collapsible design. The carry bag that comes with the kit makes it easier to transport from one place to another and protect from damage. It’s also a great gift for children who love to fish.

  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Portable.
  • Perfect gift.
  • Comes with all fishing items.
  • Colorful.
  • Epoxy wears out fast.
  • Slightly pricey.

2. PLUSINNO Best kids Fishing Poles

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole

Overall Rating

This fishing kit combo includes a telescopic fishing pole, a spin cast reel, a fishing tackle with accessories, and a travel bag carrier. Fishing lure accessories include two different soft lures, hooks, bobber, jig heads sinkers, and tackle box. It’s easy to handle and has a kid-friendly design.

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole incorporates the telescoping fishing pole technology. Telescoping fish rods fold themselves into collapsible parts. They are pretty easy to carry from one place to another. It can also be handled easily by small hands as it’s made specifically for kids aged 3 to 10.

This is one of the best fishing rods for kids in terms of flexibility and softness. It’s lightweight and comes in different lengths. This fishing poles material is made of soft rubber and it weighs just about 4.5 oz. on average. The spin cast reel is also quite lightweight, only weighing 4.7 oz.

This fishing rod is suited for freshwater and it’s durable. It’s a great tool for teaching beginners how to fish properly, handle, and reel easily due to the structure. It can be used in conjunction with other fishing products as well.

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  • The soft rubber handle makes it easy to use.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Good looking.
  • Resilient.
  • Compatible with other fishing parts.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • FRP (Fiber reinforced plastics) may wear out due to impacts or heavy loads.
  • Rapid opening and closing of the rod can cause damage.

3. ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole Pink

ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole Pink

Overall Rating

This pink colored fishing pole is a favorite among young girls who are passionate about fishing. It’s an all-in-one fishing kit that contains a wide selection of crankbaits, float bobbers, soft and hard lures, jig heads, swivels, and sinkers- all the items necessary for fishing. The added bonus is the pink and black mesh colored carry bag, making it transportable anywhere.

This fishing rod is one of the best fishing rods for kids in terms of new designs of 2020, constructed with ODDSPRO’s classic epoxy and EVA plastic blend. Like other brand products, this fishing rod is also quite sturdy and durable for a long time. Moreover, the handle is very convenient to hold for small hands.

What sets it apart from the previous fishing rod from the same manufacturer is that it’s targeted towards younger girls. The pink exterior color of the fishing rod and the fishing kit items attract little kids to try it out.

Aside from the looks, it’s great in terms of performance. The fishing reel is simple to install and set up. The fishing lures are vivid, making it easy to catch fish without any hassle. It’s also a perfect size for kids hands. The lightweight structure and the carry bag makes it portable.

  • Suited for young girls.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Best for gifts.
  • Comes with a whole pack of fishing items.
  • Comparatively pricey.
  • Epoxy can wear out.
  • Comes in only one color.

4. Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

Overall Rating

Lanaak makes one of the best kids fishing poles in the market. This fishing rod comes with an additional 36 pieces of fishing items. The kit includes a telescoping fishing rod, an open-faced spinning reel, a minnow net, a tackle box, and a beginner’s guide.

This fishing rod is very easy to cast and retrieve. The structure is extremely flexible. The rod is reversible for left-handed casting, making it suitable for kids who are left-handed. It comes with a 200 feet of 8 lb. line, which is pre-spooled.

The best thing about this fishing rod is that it comes with a tutorial. A beginner’s guide is given worth the package and it has very detailed diagrams, tutorial links, and even instructional videos. This is great for kids who want to learn themselves at their own pace.

This kit doesn’t include any bait. Instead, a minnow net is given. It’s great for catching minnows and crickets. The carrying bag makes it easy to carry.

  • Fully loaded tackle box.
  • Comes with a beginner’s guide and tutorials.
  • Comes with hand nets.
  • Money guarantee available.
  • Portable as it comes with a carrying bag.
  • Better suited for a bit older kids.
  • Cannot catch all type of fish due to having no bait.

5. Lanaak Pink Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

Lanaak Pink Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

Overall Rating

This Lanaak fishing rod has all the features of the previous fishing rod, except that the color is pink. It’s targeted towards younger girls, but it can be used by boys too. Like the other one, this one also comes with an additional 36 pieces of fishing items. The kit includes a telescoping fishing rod, an open-faced spinning reel, a minnow net, a tackle box, and a beginner’s guide.

This fishing rod’s pink color makes it suitable for younger girls. Moreover, this easily retrievable rod has an extremely flexible structure.

This fishing rod comes with a tutorial, like its previous unisex version. A beginner’s guide is given worth the package and it has very detailed diagrams, tutorial links, and instructional videos. This is great for kids who want to learn by themselves and is particularly appealing to younger girls because of the color.

This kit doesn’t include any bait. Instead, a minnow net is given. It’s great for catching minnows and crickets. Moreover, it comes with a carrying bag, making it easily movable. This one is considered the best kids fishing pole when it comes to aesthetics.

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  • Comes with a beginner’s guide and tutorials.
  • Comes with hand nets.
  • Money guarantee available.
  • Portable.
  • Better suited for older kids.
  • Better suited for little girls in terms of design and color.
  • Cannot catch all type of fish due to having no bait.

6. TQONEP Kids Fishing Pole

TQONEP Kids Fishing Pole

Overall Rating

This unisex fishing pole is an amazing budget choice. The whole package comes with a telescoping rod, fishing reel, buoy fixed head, soft bait, spin, and sinker. The rod can be used on different events and can catch any type of small fish.

This strong and durable fishing rod is made from epoxy and EVA plastic blend. The EVA handle is strong yet lightweight. This is deemed as one of the most easy to use fishing rods for kids.

This fishing kit comes with a backpack, so it’s very easy to carry it along with the fishing accessories. It can be given as a gift to kids on any occasion. This fishing kit can also teach kids how to fish with diligence and perfection who are just beginning to learn.

  • Great for learning fishing properly.
  • Comes with a backpack.
  • Soft EVA handling which perfect for kids.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Durable.
  • May not be suitable for smaller kids.
  • Careful handling needed.

7. QiyuanLS Kids Fishing Pole Kit

QiyuanLS Kids Fishing Pole Kit

Overall Rating

It includes a fishing pole, carry bag, fishing line, spin-cast fishing reel, tackle box, and many soft lures, fishing hooks. This is one of the best kids fishing poles of 2020 in terms of resilience and design.

Made from epoxy construction and EVA handling; this one is perfect for skid proof grips for small hands. The grip holds even after the rod gets wet. So, the rod is designed keeping in mind the safety of kids.

The carry bag that it comes with makes it very portable. You can carry all of the fishing items and rod in this carry bag. The blue-colored carry bag is stylish too and the fishing rod is sleek and of high quality.

Like other fishing rods, this one is also beginner – friendly and especially suited for smaller kids. It’s easy to set and use. The parts are durable and sturdy. The non-slip handle makes it safe to handle.

  • Safety included in the design.
  • No-slip handle.
  • Made from stable epoxy.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Comes with many different types of soft lures.
  • Adaptable to any kind of water.
  • Slightly pricey.
  • No warranty or guarantee is mentioned.

8. YONGZHI Kids Fishing Pole

YONGZHI Kids Fishing Pole

Overall Rating

YONGZHI Kids fishing pole is one of the best kids fishing poles in terms of flexibility. It comes with 48 pieces of fishing items, making it suitable for any kind of fishing situation. The kit contains telescopic fishing rods, spin-cast reel, carry case, beginner’s guide, and a spare fishing line.

This fishing rod is constructed from carbon fiber mixed fiberglass. It’s also easy to pick up by enthusiastic kids and needs no supervision. The instructions are stated clearly in the manual. It’s very convenient to use as it can be carried anywhere using the carry case.

The spin cast fishing reel reduces the tangles with the push button, making it easy to cast. The reel is pre-spooled and requires no assembly. The starter kit is extremely versatile and suitable for any water or any fish.

There is a bit-alert to notify you if a fish has caught your bait. This is a quite handy feature, especially for someone who has just started to learn fishing. The floating bobber notifies about the time the fish takes the bait. These two handy features make it very flexible and user-friendly.

It’s medium-light and easy to carry. You can gift it to a kid on a special occasion or use it to teach one. Either way, it’s one of the best kids fishing poles in the market.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Very flexible.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Comes with instruction guides.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Carbon-reinforced fiber may wear out.
  • Not suitable for too small kids.

9. TQONEP Kid's Fishing Rod 2 Sets

TQONEP Kids Fishing Rod two Sets

Overall Rating

This one comes with two sets of fishing kits in two colors: grey and blue. Like the previous versions, this one also contains telescoping fishing rods, reels, fishing lines, soft baits, etc. The special feature in this kit is the fishing gear. TQONEP is one of the best kids fishing poles due to its manifesting of the market’s best fishing gear.

This one is a combination of stable epoxy resin structure and soft EVA handle. This fishing rod is strong and durable, providing a safe and relaxing fishing experience to kids. Epoxy resin holds together the fishing parts and lasts a long time. If taken care of it orderly, it can sustain for a longer period while providing quality performance.

The fishing backpack makes it portable without any hassle and the parts are very simple to handle and set up. This one can be a great tool for learning how to fish properly. The two sets feature is great if you have more than one kid who can use it.

  • Constructed efficiently.
  • Comes in two colors – blue and grey.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Durable.
  • Teaches how to fish with discipline.
  • Seldom not available.
  • May wear out if not opened and closed properly.

10. ActionEliters Kids Fishing Pole

ActionEliters Kids Fishing Pole

Overall Rating

ActionFilters has made this new version fishing pole and released in 2020. Ever since then, the popularity of this fishing rod has been noteworthy. It comes with all the components a beginner-friendly fishing kit must-have. It’s also an all-in-one fishing kit, containing crankbaits, fishing reels, fishing lines, jig heads, soft lures, swivels, etc.

This fishing rod is designed simply for kids, making it easier to set up and dismantle. Among all the existing fishing poles in the market, this is one of the best kids fishing poles when it comes to appealing beginners.

The collapsible design of telescoping fishing poles makes it easy to carry anywhere. The carry bag is strong and you can easily carry the accessories without the fear of damaging them. This one can be a great gift for kids on a special occasion. Also, it comes with instruction manuals and tutorials.

  • Collapsible design.
  • Easy to set up.
  • String carry bag.
  • Very convenient and lightweight.
  • Warranty for two years.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • Carry bag is a bit heavy.

best kids fishing poles
Buying Guides

Before buying a fishing rod for a kid, consider the areas that need to focus. It’s necessary to remember that adult fish poles and kids fish poles are not the same. Various factors need to be evaluated before deciding to buy the best kids fishing poles for your kid. Here are some brief buying guidelines for fishing rods for kids that might help you!


This is the most important feature of a good fishing rod. The length of a fishing road matters greatly when it comes to maneuvering. Too long of a rod can cause serious off-balance and may even cause accidents. If it’s made short, then it may not even go deep at a sufficient level. There needs to be an optimum rod height to balance two factors- make the fishing experience safe and make catching fish more efficient. Ideally, the fishing rod’s length should be kept within the range between two to three meters. So, while buying a fishing rod, check the length of the rod carefully as it can cause trouble later one if not chosen properly.


The amount of force you need to bend the fishing rod is called its power. While choosing the fishing rod for kids, this is an extremely important criterion. Usually, it’s categorized into several types, such as ultra-light to ultra-heavy. The rod weight is also included in the power. For kids, choose a rod that is ultra-light in power. Kids are small and they don’t have sufficient strength to lift up heavier fishing rods or bend it. Too powerful ones can cause accidents. So, while choosing a rod, make sure it falls under the lighter section. Remember that the most powerful rod doesn’t equate to the best fishing rod for kids.

Heavy or Lightweight

As for the weight of the rod, you would want it to be lightweight. As it’s the kids who are handling it, a heavy fishing rod will tire them out. A lightweight fishing rod is perfect for kids, but remember not to buy a rod that’s too thin. A lot of techniques and success of catching a fish properly will depend on the fishing rod’s grip and how to use it. If it’s too heavy, kids may fail to lift it up properly, let alone fishing. There is no concrete range of how much the fishing rod should weigh ideally as it will largely matter what kind of material it’s made from.

Ease of Use

This is a mandatory feature for the best kids fishing poles available in the market. In fact, this criterion is not only suitable for just kids, but for adults as well. Kids are beginners, usually while learning fishing. So, their first time handling will not go smoothly. If the tool itself is cumbersome, they will lose the drive to learn due to frustration. So, the fishing rods should be easy to handle to let the kids learn at their own pace. The grips should be soft and sturdy to prevent from slipping. The safety of the process will depend on this characteristic.


You want the fishing rod to last a long time; that’s because learning how to fish is a long process. Sometimes it takes one years to learn. The rods need to sustain the frequent uses; hence, should be made from very strong and resilient materials. Epoxy and EVA blend is a great material combo for a fishing rod. Some are made from fiber-reinforced plastic, while some are made from carbon-reinforced fishing rods. No matter what kind of material is used, you must look up how resilient they are and whether they sustain heavy use in the water.


Top-notch handling is very important for a fishing rod. Make sure the rod you are choosing allows strong grip for smaller hands. It should be incorporated into the design. The design must allow for enough space and adherence to handling. EVA and soft rubber handling are most prevalent in the market and can be found in all of the best kids fishing poles reviewed in the previous section. Learning to grip properly is a fundamental lesson for kids while learning how to fish. So, make sure you check and compare which one of them is best.


Fishing means changing directions and going to several locations of a lake or a pond. You have to constantly move around taking your fishing kits with you. A carry bag comes with all the mentioned best kids fishing poles in the market. The bag must be wide and long enough to accommodate all the necessary fishing items to be carried with. It’s expected that the bag is sturdy and durable as the fishing items can be fragile and may break easily due to sudden impacts. At times, portability can be integrated into the design. Telescoping fishing rods are much more flexible and can be folded to carry in a small space.


Make sure to notice the age limit of the fishing rods. Some fishing rods can be used for ages 3 to 10 and some start from age 6. There is a huge difference between these two types of fishing rods, so buying one that does not suit you will only waste money. If your kid is very small, perhaps between 3 to 5, consider buying one that is easy to handle and doesn’t have many fancy features. Because at that age, you just want to familiarize them with fishing rods. For older kids, fishing rods come with detailed instruction guides, diagrams, and even tutorial videos. So, make sure to notice the age limit of the fishing rod.


The design of your fishing rod is very important. You don’t want the design to be too fancy or intricate. While buying for kids, choose the one which has the simplest design. The easily usable structure is the goal here. You can go for a telescoping design for convenience or choose a normal one. It will depend a little on the personal preference, but the primary lookout is for simplicity.

best kids fishing poles

What is the Difference Between Rod and Pole?

Fishing rod and pole differ in construction material. The fishing rod is made from traditional materials such as boron, fiberglass, and graphite, or possibly combining them. On the other hand, a fishing pole is made out of natural elements like cane, reed, or bamboo. The fishing rod is defined as a flexible rod to catch fish. To use it, you have to connect a stick or pole to a line ending on a hook.

While this is the general difference, some bits may change depending on your living area. In the U.K., the rod is connected to a reel seat, while pole is attached to the line at the end and used for more precise placement of bait. In the U.S., the difference is material and cost, as rods may cost up to $10,000, whereas poles are comparatively cheaper. In North America, these terms are used interchangeably, so the distinction is often very unclear. The fundamental difference, though, is the material of construction.

What is the Difference Between an Adult and a Kids Fishing Rod?

There are many aspects on which you can differentiate a fishing pole between an adult and a kid. Firstly, the length and weight differ the most. The length of the fishing pole for kids is much shorter than adults. It’s also much more lightweight. Kids fishing poles are also equipped with smaller handles. The reels and gears are much easier in mechanism and devoid of any complexity.

Are Kids Fishing Poles Safe for Use?

Kids fishing poles are safer to use for kids. It’s not safe for adults. Firstly, the fishing poles for kids are solely made for them, considering their ease of use. They are much smaller, lighter, and not at all complex. Moreover, they are not suited to catch fish from deep water as it might be unsafe to fish deep water with a kid’s fishing pole.

Do Kids Need a Fishing License?

It will depend on the age as well as the location. In California, a kid aged about 15 years or younger do not need any fishing license to go fishing. The age limit starts from 17 in Texas. For Oregon, kids between 12 to 17 will need a fishing license. Since this data varies from state to state, you can contact the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and collect the list of states and the age limit for a license. Detailed information regarding fishing licenses and tips on which type of license you should buy is given on their website.

What to Avoid in a Kid’s Fishing Pole?

The first thing to avoid is buying a fishing pole that is not tailored for a kid. Kids are not recommended to use fishing poles made solely for adults. Using the wrong fishing pole has caused serious accidents in the past, which resulted in fatalities. So, it’s important to keep this in mind.

Before buying a fishing pole, estimate how much strength the fishing pole should have depending on your kid’s weight. Don’t buy a rod that is too heavy to be lifted by them. For them, fishing is a fun activity like us, but the fishing pole is more of a toy for them, whereas it’s a tool for adults. So, try buying a vivid colored rod that will encourage them to fish.

Moreover, always buy a fishing pole that can be easily carried and comes with all the fishing items. Avoid brands that do not provide at least a one-year warranty because fishing poles are subjected to damage too often.

How Much Experience Should Your Kid Have?

Kids may not need any experience in using fishing poles. Most fishing poles are designed so that they can be easily demonstrated by an adult. It’s recommended that they are first taught how to maneuver them correctly before letting them venture independently. Some fishing poles come with instruction manuals and tutorial videos. Those are fitted for slightly older kids/young adults. But, to put it in short, it’s not required to have any experience to use a fishing pole, but adult supervision is required for learning.

Final Words

There are plenty of fishing poles available in the market, and some of them may be considered the best kids fishing poles. However, it will solely depend on the preferences of the kid and the ease of using it. So, before buying one, gain more information on a good fishing pole’s characteristics and which one will be the best for your kid.

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