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If you are interested in fishing, you’ve probably know how it feels when you pull a fish out of the water and hold it up for a photo. You feel like a man. It only gets stronger when you take it home and feed your family with it. The best bass fishing reels are the ones that will increase your catch chances and make you a more successful bass angler.

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PENN Battle II



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Shimano Stradic Ci4+ best bass fishing reels

Shimano Stradic

Bass fishing is a popular, entertaining, and mind-relaxing hobby that can be done alone or with family and friends. 

This species is aggressive and doesn’t just give in and let you drag it away without putting up a good fight. It is a struggle to attract and catch them out. The essential gadgets that are necessary for bass fishing are rods and reels. Without these things, anglers can’t expect a considerable outcome. 

You can find different types of fishing reels in the market, but you have to choose the best bass fishing reels to make your activity more pleasurable.

Every type of reel has its specific features and function. Some are better at casting too light lures while some are designed to improve angler’s ability to control the fish. The reason why we have to look for a reel with the right materials is simple; in spinning fishing, the reel is subjected to continuous work. 

Try to imagine how many castings you can do in 3 hours of fishing and get an idea of the mule’s stress. It is easy for us to know that in order not to end up with a hooked fish and the reel nailed, we are obliged to choose our spinning reels carefully.

If you are an avid bass fisherman or looking to explore this popular fishing hobby and need a good bass fishing reel, you will get all you want to know about the fishing reels in this article. We will discuss ten best bass fishing reels from which you can choose according to yours!

Best Bass Fishing Reels
Top 10 Review

1. Penn Battle II

Penn Battle II

Overall Rating

Packed with fish-fighting features

This reliable, convenient-to-use, and robust spinning reel is made up of durable material. Because of its high durability, you can use this reel for a long time. It comprises a full metal body, side plate, and the rotor.

Smooth drag system

It gives you the HT-100 the Carbon fiber drag system, which is very helpful and it will provide you the maximum drag.

Prevent the super line from slipping

In this spinning reel, there are drag washers which are treated with appropriate grease so that it will perform as a long lasting reel. Moreover, you can use pann battle with spiderwire superline and Berkeley. 

However, A rubber gasket spool prevents the super line from slipping when you are in pressure to catch the fish.

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  • It has a heavy-duty aluminum ball wire.​
  • It has a full metal body.​
  • The rotor and side plate are also made up of metal.​
  • It is equipped with Carbon fiber drag washers.​


2. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Spinning Reel

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ best bass fishing reels

Overall Rating

X ship Technology

The most popular and high-technology reel comes with an X chip that provides improved gear durability. Moreover, this spinning reel will give you longer casts.

Lightweight spinning reel

One of the most prominent features of Shimano Stradic Ci4+ is its lightweight with a solid feel. You can feel the unprecedented light rotation when you turn its handle. This excellent feel is because of the presence of Magnumlite Rotor that works in two ways. First, by decreasing its weight and second by increasing the rigidity.

Hagane gearing

Shimano spinning reel has a hagane gearing and hagane body with the help of which you will get the long-lasting, durable, and robust performance. It also impresses the anglers with incredible smoothness and power. 

For the anglers, this spinning wheel is suitable for both the inshore and offshore action. There are six ball bearings and one roller bearing in this spinning reel.

  • It is a sturdy and robust spinning reel.​
  • It is incredibly smooth for reel and drag.​
  • It is also an incredible reel for shore casting.​
  • There is an accumulation of some dust in the reel, but you can get rid of it with proper cleaning.​

3. RUNCL Spinning Reel

RUNCL bass fishing reels

Overall Rating

Highly efficient smooth operation

RUNCL spinning reel has 10 + 1 HPCR ball bearings. HPCR means high-precision corrosion resistance. So these ball bearings are corrosion-resistant with no clearance transmission mechanism. 

It has high-quality gears that are up to the mark, and the brass drive train is also very strengthened. The main shaft is made up of high-grade stainless steel material.

Sealed drag system

The purpose of this drag system is to keep the water, dirt and sand out thus allow smooth and effortless drag. You can pull out a large fish with minimum drag pressure. This feature enables the angler to enjoy bass fishing alone.

Built-in slow oscillation system

With this slow oscillation system, the spinning reel can deliver the line smoothly into the line roller for consistent and reliable line lay on the spool. Additionally, it will produce ultra-long and highly accurate casts so you can cover water more efficiently and quickly. 

With a built-in slow oscillation system, it is also equipped with an entire reel drag system to keep the water, sand, and dirt out of the spinning reel.

  • It has a high quality, smooth, efficient reel system.​
  • It is well made and super smooth.​
  • The drag system is up to the mark.​
  • The drag system can become more improved.​

4. Abu Garcia Revo STX

Abu Garcia Revo STX Spinning Reel

Overall Rating

X crafty gearbox design

You can use Abu Garcia Revo STX as an incredible bass spinning reel with insert molded C6 body design. This Im-c6 design combines with an ex crafty gearbox design with RC 6 carbon body. This type of construction makes the spinning reel lightweight that houses gears in perfect alignment.

Flowlss performance

You can easily make the quick adjustments on the fly as well as it has a new Goldwing side, which is designed to provide excellent access to the Infinity variable centrifugal brake system.

Lightweight yet solid spinning reel

The improved strength and durability are provided by Aluminium handle side plate and C6 carbon palm side plate. It is a very lightweight but incredibly strong spinning reel with an efficient gear system and alloy frame for increased corrosion resistance.

  • It is imported and made up of high-quality aluminum.​
  • This spinning reel is very lightweight, weighing about 6 lbs.​
  • The drag system is very nice.​
  • The handle is lightweight and prevents you from slipping.​
  • Sometimes, the anti-reverse system does not do its function properly.​
  • Brakes dysfunctoning.​

5. Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel

Overall Rating

Strong Carbon Handle 

Pflueger President XT has a substantial carbon handle, which is 21% lighter than aluminum. It also has aluminum pinion gear, which has 60% less weight than brass. Moreover, it will deliver superior quality within its price class.

Extreme Comfort

The new XT version provides a smooth action with good reliable drag.  It is very lightweight, that’s why it gives extra comfort and balance to the user. Its main shaft is made up of aluminum.

Aluminum pinion gear

The good thing about this spinning reel is that it has aluminum engineered with remarkably lighter than the traditional brass gear. Also, the carbon handle is lightweight, and it is made up of rubber cork, which offers exceptional gripping power in all weather conditions. 

It has a quality ten bearing system which features the corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings with instant anti-reverse. The drag system is sealed and keeps the water and greet from getting in, so it remains lubricated.

  • It has a great feature that is very light and smooth.​
  • The spinning reel is well made as well as good construction.​
  • It is an attractive reel with a smooth action and drag.​
  • It’s also made up of a carbon fiber handle.​
  • Sometimes, the drag feels stiff, but it can be minimized with proper cleaning.​

6. KastKing Valiant Eagle

KastKing Valiant Eagle

Overall Rating

Unique Sliding Stabilizer Rod

The long-life durability of KastKing Valiant Eagle is never compromised even when you have a critical time in making a second cast. The sliding stabilizer rods along with E.P.S (Expanded pinion system) are responsible for giving strength and consistency.

Super performance

As it has a sealed carbon drag system, so it provides 22 pounds of fishing power and keeps the drag washers dry to avoid inconsistent drag operation. It will give you a consistent performance by using a total of 10+1 MaxiDur shielded stainless steel ball bearings.

Breakthrough Technology

The Kastking reel manufacturers are very expert and are dedicated to providing you with affordable innovation of amazing spinning reel. So it has expanded the pinion system and sliding stabilizer rod into a spinning fishing reel.

  • kastking valiant is a light, fast, and smooth spinning reel.​
  • It comes with breakthrough technology.​
  • Moreover, it has a patent Pending spool design.​
  • This bass spinning reel is made up of high-quality materials.​
  • The anti rivers system could be improved.​

7. Sougayilang Fishing Reel best for money

Sougayilang reel

Overall Rating

Waterproof and dustproof Seal

The seal of this spinning reel is waterproof and dustproof as well as it has an anti-corrosion system. Most amazingly, it has stainless steel screws that always protect the reel. Moreover, the spinning reel is also scratch proof. Additionally, it is an affordable spinning reel yet give you the quality work you want.

Premium quality

The hardened metal shaft is a perfect mesh drive gear that can easily combat intensive fish-fighting power. Additionally, this reel has a cold forging process where the stress affordability is seven times more than the ordinary fishing reel. It is considered to be the top quality reel for giving you the smoothest drag.

Safe and fast retrieval

Sougayilang spinning reel gives you a fantastic experience of safe and fast retrieval. This is because it has a smooth multi-disk drag system. The washers are appropriately oiled, and the gear ratio is 5:2:1, which assures a secure, fast retrieve.

  • It has a stainless steel screw for waterproofing.​
  • It is well made with fast, smooth action.​
  • It looks excellent and great reel for the price.​
  • This bass spinning reel is made up of special lightweight aluminum alloy.​
  • The drag system can become better.​

8. Daiwa SSaltist

Daiwa SSaltist Spinning Reel

Overall Rating

Corrosion-resistant ball bearing

Daiwa SSaltist spinning reel’s ball bearings last up to 12 times longer than the standard stainless steel ball bearings. Along with the ball bearings, it has a magnetic coil, one of the new generations of Nano Fluids. So when the magnetic field is applied, it will change the density and shape.

ABS Spool

With ABS spool, the core diameter is maximized and reversed taper, a 100% useable line. As we all know, there is no deadline in the deep core. But you can yourself fill it with a line right up to edge of the spool. Also, this will not cause any tangles. It will give you longer and easier casting with less friction.

Air Rotor 

A rotor of this Daiwa spinning reel is much better than the other ordinary rotor designs. Also, its weight is 15% less than the other rotors as it has a unique shape that will reduce the unnecessary weight and distribute the stress more evenly throughout the rotor for maximum strength.

  • It is the best reel at an affordable price.​
  • This spinning reel is really super smoothed and become more smothered with frequent use.​

Some people feel it heavy, but overall it is a good spinning reel.​

9. Daiwa Bg spinning reel

Daiwa Bg Spinning Reel

Overall Rating

Another Daiwa reel is here to make you happy with its exclusive features:

Aluminum body

It is assembled with a machined aluminum body and an outer cover that provides strength and inner stability. The internal part of the spinning reel is also strong and durable. The strength of the reel is increased in the form of corrosion and scratch resistance.

Seven bearing drive system

This reel has awesome 7 bearing dry system which consists of 6 ball bearings and a single roller bearing. Traditionally, it is equipped with an infinite anti-reverse system, which is found in many spinning reels. This reel is famous for super-smooth performance because of automatic tournament drag, which is waterproof. 

This fantastic reel has an oversized DJ gear system which increases the gear tooth contact point and provides smooth and extended gear life.

ABS Spool

The abs spool present in this spinning rule increases the core diameter as well as it has reversed taper, which means no deadline, but it deep in the core. So it will give you the smooth and easy casting with less casting friction.

  • Aesthetically pleasing black anodized body.
  • It comes with an infinite anti-reverse system.​​
  • Also it comes with the waterproof drags system.​
  • It has an ergonomic and lightweight handle.​
  • Also it is very lightweight, worrying about one pound only.​
  • Some users are not satisfied with the warranty period, but these types of spinning reels usually come with only a one-year warranty.​

10. Abu Garcia Revo SX baitcast reel

Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

Overall Rating

Smooth and reliable casting

With Abu Garcia rave OS X spinning fishing reel, you can enjoy the smooth and reliable casting at an exceptional value. However, the right thing in this modern spinning reel is that it is very lightweight as compared to the previous models. It does not mean that the manufacturers are compromising on quality. 

So it is a sturdy and reliable spinning reel yet light in weight.

Precise casting

The reel is manufactured in a way to give you the precise casting with its slow oscillation retrieves an even line lay. Along with this, it has Rocket spool lip design, which actively controls the rate at which the line comes off the spool. This thing is necessary to get greater casting accuracy.

The durable a.m. gearing system

Abu Garcia Revo SX reel has computer-optimized gear design and durable a.m. gearing system, which gives you the fantastic durability and smoothness in casting. You will get the smooth but robust drag because of the carbon Matrix drags system.

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  • It gives you a smooth spinning experience at a great price.​
  • It is very well balanced and incredibly smooth.​
  • Always It’s very efficient and lightweight.​
  • It allows a powerful drag up to 24 pounds.​
  • Some people have a question about its durability.​

Advantage of Using Spinning Reels For Bass

There are many advantages of using spinning reels for bass. let’s have a look some of them:

Lure control

For beginners, the spinning tackle throws lighter lures. If the bait weights up to 1/4 of an Ounce, then ultimately, a spinning Rod and Reel is hard to beat for distance. The spinning reels will give you better lure control than the other type of reels.

People are still using the spinning reels for drop shorting, shaky hands, and throwing light jerk baits and crankbaits.

Lure control

Efficient spinning even in the wind

Sometimes, there is a problem of wind while catching a fish, but the spinning reels allow efficient spinning even in the wind. In Baitcasters, there will be backlashes bloom. So when we are casting with spinning reels, it is much more productive than the baitcasting reels.

Skipping Lures

If you want backlash-free fishing, then spinning reels should be preferred over baitcasting as it is easier to practice. You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours practicing with baitcasting.

Spinning reel Silk down straighter

With the help of a spinning reel, you can lure it to sink straighter without much pendulum effect. However, when the lure does not give smooth casting, it will cause more resistance in pulling the rotational spool. 

That’s why anglers use the baitcasting reel in the water; it will sometimes strip the line off the spool by hand.

Swapping in spinning reel

Being right-handed or left-handed doesn’t matter when you use the spinning reel as the real handle is swipeable between the left and the right sides in the spinning reel. You can fit it according to your needs. 

However, in baitcasting reel, you cannot swap between the right hand and the left hand. So baitcaster offers no swapping, and you have to purchase only the right-hand model or the left-hand model.

Full-Range Drag Adjustment

When the size of the fish is too big to reel in abruptly, drag is used to pull out the fish and prevent your fishing line from damaging. By using a spinning reel, you can easily adjust your drag. It doesn’t matter if the drag is on the front side of the reel or behind; it is always more convenient and accessible to use a spinning reel.

Comparatively, In a weight casting reel, you have to drag the location right next to the handle and then rotate it according to your requirement for advancing towards more complexity.

What to Look for When Buying a Spinning Reel for Bass?: Buying Guides

Choosing a fishing reel can lead you at the moment, especially to confusion. Go through this section, and you can also easily choose a fishing reels.

Types of Reel:

Fixed coils

The Fixed Spool is a spool design that is simple to use. It comes in different colours, configurations and sizes so that you can select one according to your needs. The dispenser includes separate handles and multiple or single handles. 

The most important part of the reel spool is that you can lock the mechanism. When fishing, the reel will not burst backward. You can rely on the coil because of this reason.

Free spool coils

This is a modified variant of these spool coils as it provides an excessive drag system. This drag system can help you figure out when a fish runs with it and take your bait. It’s bigger than the fixed coils.

Centerpin reels

The Centerpin coil is useful when fishing in flowing water. Since the reel will spin in the water’s current, it is possible to identify if the fish needed your lure. You can get experience with practice and be able to maximize your outcome.

Centerpin reel

Closed face coils

These programs are accessible because they are incredibly smooth to grip. They are easier to use as a casting reel than the Center snare reels. These rollers are great for beginners.

Drag system

The drag system is used at the front or rear of the reel. They tighten the movement of the spool or become loose. If you keep the draw loose, the fish will pick up your lure and continue using it. The fish will probably get stuck with the lure.

Nevertheless, the way is to keep it tight. Since it is mounted at the end of the coil, it does not need to run through the coil. This quality makes the drag system more comfortable than the transport system.

Bearings for smoothness

The bearings of a spool can help achieve a smooth experience. The larger the bearings, the simpler your reel.

Lay & Line Clips

It is better to have a flatter range. This will force you to throw further. You will be more precise when you have a flatter line projecting the chord line.

The line clip can allow you to correct a lens position. If you think a place is best for you to catch fish, you can indicate it. Use your reel to be placed near the line clip. Once you use it to throw your rope, you will have the opportunity to reach the perfect spot.

Reel Size

Usually, the first and only criterion for choosing the reel’s size is balancing the reel rod assembly. It is an important step that will provide you with a comfortable setting when fishing. 

By comfortable set, I mean a set that is pleasant to use on long outings—balancing a set amounts to bringing the point of balance of a rod a few centimeters in front of the reel’s foot, where the hand is positioned during the fishing action.

A bare rod will often tend to nose down when it is held in hand at the level of the reel seat. Still, it happens that on specific, powerful rods, which are very conical (with a massive difference in diameter between the tip and the heel), the point of equilibrium is already very close to the handle.

It will be necessary to put aside the search for the perfect balance between the rod and the reel by taking a size above or below initially planned.

For example, for someone who fishes in a small ultralight fish with a rod less than 2m, you can go down one size to gain even more lightness. Conversely, someone who will search for good-sized fish in a kayak with a relatively short rod, I recommend going to the next size.

Reel capacity

The maximum length of LINE, which the spool can hold without Pol loading the reel, is called the reel capacity. The spool gives you more space during the higher test line, and the diameter of the fishing line is increased along with its strength. 

For example, the real which holds 160 yards of 30-pound test monofilament can hold only 120 yards of 40 lbs test. Many spinning reel manufacturers list the capacities for braided lines as well as the monofilament.

According to the manufacturer’s braided line capacity is greater than the monofilament. Many braided lines are made from the materials such as spectra fiber and dacron, which is more good than the nylon material. This is because braided lines can achieve higher tests in smaller diameters. 

But keep this thing in mind that you have to consider the fish’s size when selecting the spinning reel because it must match the line capacity accordingly.

Leading Reel Company for Best Bass fishing Reels

There are many leading spinning reel companies in the fishing world, but Penn has been creating and producing the fantastic angling equipment for more than 75 years. Penn is an incredible leading reel company which is famous for its expertise and resulting ability. This company’s manufacturers enthusiastically create the range that has proved their mettle in almost every IGFA classification.

The spinning reels manufactured by Penn have all the essential features which a person needs while fishing. With time, the company becomes the leading company of modern-day in relay out and manufacturing.

Penn company has experienced and educated manufacturers who produced the quality products and offered the repair work divisions, which are the best in the market. Along with the manufacturers, the company also has a skilled specialist who can analyze the reels and make them more good day by day. 

Penn’s spinning reels offer an easy cleansing and 15 pair divisions to try to get you back to fishing as soon as possible. This is the main reason that many official men know about Penn and its durable spinning reels.

There are also more leading reel company in the market like Daiwa, Shimano, Pflueger, Abu Garcia, KastKing, Okuma are the best brands I’ve used.

Are Expensive Spinning Reels Worth It?

Yes, the expensive spinning reels are worth it because you are paying for the quality. The expensive spinning reels are, first of all, high in quality and give you the required result with less effort. The expensive spinning reels work well enough from which you can easily catch a fish. 

Moreover, the expensive spinning reels have all the features which fishers want in the spinning reel. Additionally, if you pay more for the spinning reel, then it will be favorable for you in the long run. 

That’s why the cheap spinning reels will start showing certain defects with the passage of time and frequent use.

Are Baitcasters Better Than Spinning Reels?

Baitcasting reels can handle your line well and allow for longer casts than the spinning reels in the same size range. Many bass anglers always want to get the line in the 14 to 17 found test range. 

But the small spinning reel has a narrow and most miniature pool, which is uncomfortable with large diameter lines. But baitcasting reels can handle these lines and give you greater casting distance. You can now easily choose one according to your preference.

Casting Distance of reels

Long-distance casting can be possible with spinning or baitcasting reels, but the spinning reel enables you to throw it as hard as you want, but you will have to be careful in case of a bait caster.

Saltwater Reels are designed in a way so that they can withstand saltwater and or more potent than the freshwater reels. So keep this in mind that smaller freshwater reels will not work efficiently in the ocean. You need to choose a reel that has a line capacity of a minimum of 300 yards.

But if you are fishing under 20 Pounds of fish, it means that you are experienced, and you have to put a good hook set. At this point, you must go with the baitcasting reel.

But if you are fishing for smaller fish and want something comfortable to cast, then the spinning reel is the best. Moreover, if you’re going to troll behind the board, then the spinning reel is the right choice.

Final Words

As a fisherman or a professional bus angler, you always looking for the latest and modern bass fishing reels as you know their importance in fishing. These reels are easy-to-use, that’s why popular among beginners as well as professionals. 

Without understanding your level of expertise and the features of spinning reels, it would be hard to buy a suitable product. However, there are many types and models of spinning reels in the market, and you can easily grab the best one according to your needs.

In this article, I have explained the ten unique best Bass fishing reels thoroughly. By reading this article carefully, you will gain enough knowledge about the spinning reels, and therefore get a strong understanding of how to choose the best Bass fishing reels. 

Make sure that you are purchasing the spinning reel from the renowned and the best brand. Buying a good-quality product will keep you relaxed for years due to the fewer problems. You only need to do some research, as many successful companies will make you satisfied with your purchase. 

You must look for the spinning reel’s smoothness, durability, and all the salient features before purchasing.

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